My Views

I believe Joint Custody is in the ‘Best Interest of the Child’ in the majority of cases. There are plenty of parents who divorce either amicably directly from the beginning, or manage to work out their differences over (a short) time.

I believe it is a Child’s Right to have age appropriate access to each parent during their life after divorce.

However, that being said, Joint Custody is not appropriate in all cases and then the ‘most suitable’ parent should have Sole Custody. That does not mean the other parent should be eliminated from the Child’s life. I specifically say ‘parent‘ as I resent the gender war between Father’s Rights and Mother’s Rights groups. Both advance their own agenda at the sacrifice of the Child.

The pendulum swings with ferocious strength from favoring fathers to mothers to fathers etc. Parents and their well-funded advocacy groups determine the flavor of the moment for the justice system.

Courts and the justice system have little knowledge or insight in the effect personality disordered parents have on children and their long-term emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Through my musings I try to bring different topics to the surface.



The Fine Print.

This blog is a recount of a marriage, subsequent divorce and custody battle. All characters, locations, incidents and names used are fictional. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, or to any actual events, is entirely unintentional and coincidental.

The author is offering her own personal perspective on the subject matter. This blog is not intended to offer legal, psychological or therapeutic advice, nor should it be used for that purpose. The author is not responsible for personal decisions based on the subject matter contained in this blog.

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