4 thoughts on “Love is Grand………. Divorce is 50 Grand!

  1. OUCH is right! and the courts dont care where the money comes from to pay attorneys.
    IF you dont have the money to pay an attorney, you go ProSe BUT the judicial system frowns upon ProSe litigants and by holding them to the same standards as a licensed Attorney! Ive been through a 2 year battle before divorce/custody and then spent the last year in court since my ex wants to keep going back to fight. AND HE GOT CUSTODY!…Its pathetic. Ostara, I feel the pain you have been through. Ive had my share plus some and it continues, but I am handling it better than I did before.


    • Oy!

      ProSe can be good and can be bad. Sometimes it is the only way left when finances are dire, and they will as the divorce process continues and continues!

      But we all grow, don’t let it beat you down!


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